A unique platform for quick and accessible advice, assistance and support from professionals in any desired field!
The base of the platform - a unified system of payment through cryptocurrency Prex Coin.


What's the point? 

  • The idea is simple and was born on the basis of the widespread need of people to get quick answers to questions in the modern world that never waits!
  • Do you often face a situation where You need to consult an expert? 
  • Or You are missing some answers to their questions, to know the truth? 
  • You don't know how to make financial report, and to strike in a dirt the person before the authorities don't want?
  • Or an exam to which You do not have time to prepare?
  • Or You need to lose weight for the summer and spend a fortune on a coach does not want?
  • Or maybe You want to cook without gluten pancakes for Breakfast while the family sleeps?
In the service Pro-Expert You will find the answer to any your question!

You will always find the right for You expert in any area!

The reality is that the Internet nowadays is oversaturated with conflicting information and often provides the answers to our questions are written by incompetent people.

Or Vice versa – so clever and hard to understand language that you have to go to multiple sources to waste time and to reveal the truth.

Consultants and experts from any field, from Finance and high technology, ending with psychologists, musicians and sports coaches are ready to provide You our services, to motivate, to support and provide the necessary base for Your achievements!

Now You are a professional in everything, because You have Pro-Expert!


They will help You to make a report
Deal with Federal laws
To prepare the necessary documentation
Explain the legal peculiarity of your situation
Prepare for exams
Give medical advice

How does it work?

You just need to choose in the service of the certain category in which You place your question. Then waiting for responses from professionals, or choose the expert based on qualifications, experience, and opinions!

Who will be useful to application Pro-Expert?

Service Pro-Expert is designed to help not only the users, but artists!

Unfortunately, in our country, as elsewhere in the World, higher education is not fully used.

Many work not on a specialties, someone is for jobs for which a diploma is simply not necessary, many of these professionals retire and take their place young and inexperienced individuals that are immediately required and experience and knowledge!

That's why You can become an expert for other people within the service, proving their competence.

Pro-Expert – Your key assistant in an emergency situation that requires impeccable knowledge and expertise!

Payment for services:

Do not forget that the time and knowledge of professionals is always expensive. But in our service You will encounter as a free consultation and affordable price required solutions.

How to get tokens in the PREX?

  • Purchase token PREX exchanges
  • Social activity on the platform Pro-Expert (participation in the forum, online advice, help and tips)
  • Assist in testing, development and promotion of the project
  • Active participation in projects integrated into the platform the PREX COIN


Q4 2018
Implementation of a cost-effective model of interaction of participants of the service Pro-Expert
Q1 of 2019

Development of host Pro-Expert

Development of service block Explorer

Q2 2019

Launch public test network (in test mode)

Q3 2019

Integration with major projects of consulting

Q4 2019

Launch of a public network of mining. Transfer token PREX with the platform's broadcast on the Pro-Expert platform

Freezing the network token Ethereum. Since then, the participants will be able to transfer tokens just for Pro-Expert platform

Marketing plan:

  • Publication of review articles on Pro-Expert
  • Promotion of Pro-Expert through news portals
  • Promotion of Pro-Expert through social networks
  • Indexing in search engines
  • Create multiple "landing pages" Pro-Expert
  • Advertising campaigns for different audiences
  • Loyalty program investors
  • Affiliate programs in related industries


For general inquiries, wholesale inquiries or any other questions, you can email us at: